Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miss Tippy Swab

finished an assignment for class that is due tomorrow morning.

Object: to create a cartoon character out of an inanimate object; illustrate them in normal attire, naked, and then their skeleton; make sure they all interact with one another in a scene or on the same panel.

My creation - Miss Tippy Swab

Miss Tippy Olivia Swab (Miss Swab or Tippy for short) is a seventy year old female cotton swab. A very maternal and loving character, Miss Swab never married or had children. Some often though she was the kind of person who was the mother and friend to all, which left her with no time for a family of her own. Though Miss Swab is not as innocent as she appears, there is a completely dark side to her. Miss Swab spends her nights as a seductress, dancing in the shadows of the late hours, no one every suspects a thing.

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