Monday, October 20, 2008

alive? barely


It seems every time I finish one project, another one is right there looming in the distance... and I'm still behind on homework no matter how much sleep I am missing.

I feel like every hour and minute that passes as I sit here doing art, I get flabby and feel less mobile. I have decided that I am not taking a Winter session course, and that I am only going to take 4 classes in the Spring instead of the usual 5. My body cannot take this lack of movement much longer. I do get the minimum exercise a week, but it just isn't enough. And when I don't move, I don't sleep as well. It's a vicious cycle.

At least what I am doing, I feel productive in my field.

I finished my botanical poster piece I've been working on for three weeks last night at 2 a.m.

Botanical Poster by ~amithystblade on deviantART
Yea, the image above is what it was before this weekend. I won't be able to upload the completed version until I get it back from the professor, probably next week or so.

Just finished my 5 poses of Whitney Snow (my Snow White set in 1940s, film noir).

Snow White_Whitney Snow 2 by ~amithystblade on deviantART

You think I would be done... but no. I have two computer assignments for my online class that were due earlier today at 5 p.m. Yea. So I better get to that.

I wish I could write more and update those who read this, to let them know they have not been forgotten, that I've only been sucked into a deep dark hole of homework (though the mind of the imagination isn't all that bad, it just takes too much time). I hardly have seen Kevin this semester. When we are together, half the time we just are with each other doing homework. It's a pleasant feeling to know that I have someone who loves me and doesn't get bored with me as I do my homework. I'm so grateful that he is not a physicist. Was watching The Big Bang Theory tonight, and I swear, Sheldon is cute, but oh my no... I would go insane if he was my guy.

Ok, enough typing... back to the drawing board... (literally!)

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