Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hula Baloo Photos

As my previous post explained... New Years I was able to be apart of the NEW YEARS EVE ART SHOW HULA BALOO (must be logged into Facebook to view details) at The Basement Art Gallery

After looking at all the awesome artwork, Jen Raven handed out the latest issue of Bakotopia, which held a wonderful article about the new gallery.

And as the art scene continues to grow in this small town, my heart swells with life. It is so wonderful to see creativity and imagination stirring up. I'm proud to invite friends to such events as these.

Here is a picture of myself and one of my best friends Merrisa below!

Thanks to my brother, Chris, I was able to get in more than a handful of pieces into the show. One of which was "Snow White and her Apple Martini (poisoned)"

"Frankie was frightened by the furry monster wearing her floppy hat"

"Byte Me Pale Ale" acrylic on t-shirt

"A Pin-Up in 4 Styles" print

"1920s New Years"

"Portrait: Male"

"Portrait: Chewy"

After we looked at art, the hula dancers came out and performed.

At midnight, well close too... The Silence Club played. It was the first time I have heard the entire band play together. Chris did a phenomenal job at percussion.

And Aaron the singer, rocked yet again!

I was able to record one of their songs on my camera, but have yet been able to download it to youtube, but here is a video of them at the first show I saw them play at El Cayote by The Silence Club.

What a way to start the New Year. Happy 2009!

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