Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years 2009

The NEW YEARS EVE ART SHOW HULA BALOO (must be logged into Facebook to view details) at The Basement Art Gallery turned out to be an interesting experience. Two brothers own the space now (A. S. Ashley once had it for a while before I moved away for school... I showed something there in one of the shows before but I don't remember what... but where he had hanging his rice crispie treat mold of his face last time was one of my pieces. I was just so excited to see that the gallery was still alive. It's mostly all redone... they even have art lighting). One brother, Deon, does the gallery stuff and the other is a culinary chef and makes all the food, which was to die for. They want me to show work in another art show that holds LA artists in March. :) I'll talk to the owner more about it when I pick up my stuff. Either way, awesomeness!!!

The bands and the hula dancers were amazing. They had spoken word, which was good, but way to long and such a downer. They would have been great at a poetry club... we just wanted something fun or silly or positive to hear. The Silence Club was a mind blower... played at midnight (or just a bit after). Finally, I got to hear them all perform together. I ended up putting in 8 pieces into the show, 5 of which have yet to be posted onto deviantArt, and shall be posted as soon as possible.

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year!

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