Friday, July 3, 2009

Domains and Commissions

Hello! I am alive! Just been busy. Which is great. :)

Currently, I've been trying to think of website name for my official portfolio. I had, but I didn't renew it... yay! Go me. So I can go for a .net, .org, .us, .info or something like that... or change the name all together. I'm not quite sure yet. Either way, I need to get one up and running just so I'm organized and not hopping from one website to the other to update (I update my deviantart page frequently, and this one occasionally, as those of you can tell).

Working on an art piece for a gallery show in Long Beach. I keep changing my mind on what exactly I want to do. I may even do more than one piece just to get it all out of my system.

Here are some sketches from this last season that have yet to make it to finalized pieces.

Commissions are OPEN

Pricing varies on request and level of difficulty.
Pencil or sketch - $20 and up
Inked or line art- $30 and up
Colored - $40 and up

Know what you want before contacting me.

Contact: If you are certain you want to commission me, please email me (agentsey22 at yahoo dot com). If you just have a question or want a quote send a note to me here on deviantArt.

All confirmed commissions will be done through email, so check it regularly.
When you initially inquire (note or email), please include general description, a link to a picture or attach ONE picture if you want a specific character or person. Knowing upfront about the character and general costume helps me give you an accurate price.

If you agree to the quote, please confirm ASAP, so I don't have inquiries drifting around unresolved. If you don't agree to my price, don't reply and I'll assume you're not interested.

What you will get - You will get the original 300 dpi file (for all computer/digital works). For all traditional works you have the choice of getting the original or having a 300 dpi file sent to you (and shipping will cost extra).

The only thing I require is I reserve the right to use any commissions in my portfolio, contests or for showcasing purposes.

Prices are negotiable. Trading/Bartering may be an option, so feel free to ask.



Projects: clean apartment (ASAP), work on art for show (due July 16th) and put together a portfolio (due June 30th).

Places to Go

Gallery Show in Long Beach - submissions due in July

Rockabilly Concert - July 4th

Comic Con - July 22nd through the 26th

Guys & Dolls @ the Hollywood Bowl - July 30th

All photographs, artwork, and writings within this gallery are copyright (c) of Ashleymarie Sey DeBondt (unless otherwise noted). My art may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, modified, tubed, cropped, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my expressed, written permission.

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