Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A long time coming

I've been meaning to post these pictures for quite some time and now I have! :-D

My first Comic Con experience happened this year thanks to one of my best friends.

Preview night I met a few people I didn't even think I would get the chance to meet. Including Doug Sneyd, an amazing illustrator who took the time to answer questions I had about his technique and style. Bought his "Unpublished book" which he signed and gave me a personalized sketch of myself by him! :) Even mentioned on his blog!

Then I went around and saw a familiar illustration at this booth and began to talk to Pascal Campion. I didn't realize it was the same artist who I really love to watch and study his art online on his blog until halfway through our conversation. A very kind soul full of abundant knowledge. I truly respect this man and his talent.

Michael Daley was there and was a sweetie. Another amazing illustrator who really just was the nicest thing ever.

I somehow managed to find Derek Yaniger, an amazing retro illustrator who is bringing the circle out of squaresville. :-D Totally bought alot from him too. Little does he know how happy his art makes me and inspires my wedding. Thanks man!

Of course I saw my share of costumes. But I never thought I'd see the three good fairies.

Nor did I anticipate to see a really swanky Cheshire cat and Alice while waiting in line.

And then I saw Tobias, from "Arrested Development", but he didn't notice me. He was too busy looking for his Blue Man Group.

And after days of lack of slumber and splugging of cash, I came home will all my swag and art books, prints and gifts. Here they sit, taking up an entire queen size bed. I really did go overboard, however, besides the five prints I bought from various artists, all the art books are now expanding my collection of illustrative resources for reference. I'm a huge book addict. Especially, sketchbooks, art books, and then come the novels.

In the end, I made it out alive... but barely! Talk about summer fun!

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