Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Artist Advice

We've been working on wedding plans every spare minute we have. Though as of right now, that is few and far between with his last semester and my second to last. Lots of projects, with concepts completed! For that I am extremely happy and satisfied. I can't wait to show you all the results!

One of my close photographer friends, Sarah Downey (see her awesome site here - http://www.seeingsarah.com/), recently asked me on advice on how to get out there as an artist. I'll give you what I have come to find so far. If anyone else has any extra input, please feel free to comment!

1. The best ways I know to get your work out there is to get involved in gallery shows, participate in juried exhibitions, contests, etc.

2. Network. Bring your portfolio to people you would possibly want to hire you, maybe just to get their opinion. Just keep a hard copy on you if necessary. As well as your resume. Keeping those things on hand is always a plus because you never know when you might run into someone.

3. Don't sell yourself short of your ability. Try not to offer things for free, though use this advice with digression. Sometimes it is necessary to give some time away for free if it will benefit you in the end. This is a talent you have worked on for a while and it has taken time and money to develop, just as any other profession would.

4. Market yourself to your network and beyond. Print up business cards that are memorable. Make a website for people to view your work digitally (if you've done this already, you can always set up an email list to let people know when you have things updated as a reminder that you are still around and active).

5. You might want to pick up Market Guide... Artist's and Graphic Designers Market Guide or Children's Writers and Illustrators Market Guide or for you photographers out there... Photographers Market Guide. They have a market guide for almost anything, but this series is really helpful. I have the one for "Artist's and Graphic Designers Market Guide" and "Children's Writers and Illustrators Guide"... both are great. Full of helpful articles and a complete listing of various companies, businesses and galleries and what they are specifically looking for so you can send your stuff out there.

If anyone has any advice darling, please feel free to shoot it on over here. Even some criticism on my own work would be more than welcome. Hope that helps darlings!

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  1. hey! that's me! :)

    wonderful advice--and thanks for the plug!