Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweater Weather and My Brother

Officially, the season has changed to sweater weather! I'm so happy! :-D Went to Skipper StandUp last night, and the show killed! Best set I have ever seen. Glad I went. My ewok even closed the show!

In other news, it is Monday, so back to work on projects and what not. Busy weekend of work, but it was fun and the weather was nice. Oh, I love October.

My mother just sent me a video of my brother, Chris, and his bandmates playing up in a park in Portland. Note: The adorable little kids dancing. Miss my little brother! But I'm glad he's doing his thing. :) Can't wait to here him live again.

Video of one of the best bands ever playing. Amazing stuff.

Note: the cute little kid dancing. :)

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