Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Homes

Greetings gang!

Back from picking up artwork from the Burn the Witch gallery show. Had tons of fun participating! I sold "Housewife Under Glass", a piece I haven't posted up because I don't know why. :-p It's not my favorite but a local gallery owner decided to buy it for his collection, which made me happy. :)

Both Vivian and Donna have a happy home as well.

It is so hard to part with artwork after spending so much time with it, but I'm glad they are out there being loved instead of collecting dust with me. Even though I do love them. I can only look at my own work so much. I like looking at other peoples stuff instead. :)

Just posted an interesting color concept for my next piece, Bigger is Better. I'm going to try to do it with paper cutting and acrylic, but we shall see. I really love how the concept came out, mostly because I got to mess and play with color pencils and markers together. I don't normally do so, but I'm trying to branch out and mix mediums together.

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