Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Sherlock Holmes" Review (aka How Hans Zimmer stole my <3)

Despite the fact "Sherlock Holmes" lacking any climax or mystery or consistency in the shots and style filmed... I had a wonderful birthday!

For all those wondering if the movie is worth it; for free it is... though here is what you should expect.

I was really bummed that they pretty much told you what was going to happen every second of the movie. There was no room for speculation or guesswork on the viewers side. I was expecting an action/mystery/somewhat more comedy... and no. Even action movies have more suspense than that one did. Jude Law was amazing, the music was phenomenal and the costumes were breathtaking. Even Rachel McAdams was disappointing (especially because they cut out a specific scene/clip they showed us at Comic Con. Also, Robert Downey Jr. seemed to lack the timing and chemistry between characters. Also the bromance they tried to play off with Sherlock and Watson needed to be played up like 7 notches more. The only scene I really cared for was the very beginning (but that was shattered once you see a shatter). Seriously. :-p

Also, one of the huge problems with the film was everything seemed to be on the same level as everything else. Nothing was held back for any one moment. It was all given to you... on a crappy dirty platter that left out the excitement and enchantment of the imagination. Alfred Hitchcock would have been very disappointed with this film's lack of mystery. Even if they just withheld information more... or at all, it would have made the film better (slightly).

Beyond Jude Law, the costuming and even the set, the front running winner of the entire movie was the music itself. Hans Zimmer once again stole my heart and soul.

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  1. Happy birthday and thank you for the review, Ashleymarie. I'm somewhat of a film score afficionado myself; I recently wrote about the Zimmer score over on my blog if you'd care to check it out: