Sunday, January 10, 2010


Finished all my little art projects this month, and both were mermaids. I do not know what is up with that theme, but it's there.

Currently working on a secret collaboration project that has been taking up most of my days, as well as planning the October wedding with my fiance. I cannot believe we are already less than a year away. In need of completing those invitations. Started those early this week, but nothing complete yet.

In other news, condensing is the word of the month. I am a huge pack rat. Whatever I have, I try to save because, who knows? I might be able to use it in an art project later on. Well, being that I'm getting married this year... I really need a spring cleaning. So that's what I've been doing. Two boxes of books and one large bag full of clothes are ready to give away. I'm not sure where. Tempted to go to a used book store and do a trade for the books, but I am going to have to scout out the good ones before I make a for sure trade.

Also, next month myself and two of my friends are curating a show at the university titled "All Pinned Up". I need to get my butt working on some stuff for that. Plenty of ideas. Just need to initiate them. Super-excited about the exhibit because of the theme and it opens on Valentine's Day!

Well my pretties, need to keep moving before I get sucked into the infamous black hole we call the internet.


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