Friday, March 26, 2010

Recent works

Recently, I have been working on a Beauty and the Beast paper cut series. Here is the first of them. My goal is to basically create illustrations with a Beauty character and a Beast character interacting, but create them in non-traditional appearances. Below is a really bad photo of "The Mermaid and the Narwhal" that was shown at the "Fairy Tale Art Exhibit" at CSULB this last month.

Of course, my mind needed a break from the series, so I designed this Rococo character in a few hours and colored her for fun. As much as Rococo is about the gowns, I really was more interested in the hair.

Of course, that just was not enough. I have really been wanting to illustrate a merchild. I am apart of this Children's Illustrators club on dA which does a monthly challenge each month. This month's was "Seahorse" so of course I had to dive into that game before March ends.

So now that all of my side illustration wants are out of the way, I am going to focus my work on my children's book project and the Beauty and the Beast series piece number 2 (I'll give you a hint... it involves very big feet).

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