Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just "Weird"

My future hubby does not care for the television show "Glee" at all, but had a brilliant idea this morning and created this fan page to hopefully get "Weird" Al on "Glee".

"Weird" Al Yankovic on Glee? Why not!

I think that would be fun. :-p Different. So fan it on Facebook. lol. I created the graphic really quick to help his fantasy. Maybe the dream will become a reality! Who knows! Never know unless you try. I personally love the show.

In other news....

I have officially graduated and have a BFA in Illustration with cum laude honors. lol W00t! My family and friends are so amazing! It was a blast at graduation! Even got the Illustration grads to get together and take a group photo! It was kinda crazy and some people are missing but it was fun. Some mini photos below. I'm the dark brunette.

And the countdown continues...

6 days until the wedding day!!!

My children's book is complete! Making hand crafted copies that I will be selling on my etsy store by the end of June, if not mid. Anyone interested?

Well I am going to get back to cleaning and crafting. Have a great weekend!


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