Saturday, May 22, 2010

Maria! What have you done!

Finished all the illustrations to my children's book. :) Thus, my last final project is complete! I am in the process of fixing a few things before I make the book available for purchase.

I cannot believe it is all over. Now I feel like I have nothing to do. Well, besides getting my work ready for the "Creatures" show for June, getting married, doing the pin up roller girl series, the Disney cast member pin up series, and a few other things. :-p I just like hustle and bustle I guess.

Done with classes by May 14th.

Finals end by May 21st.

Graduate on May 28th.

Get married a week later!

Honeymoon at WDW!

Yes, that's right! We've moved up the wedding! It has been a long wonderful 2+ years of being engaged and we figured, why wait?

Also finished the second Beauty and the Beast series paper cut called "The Happy Camper". Click the title to view a large more detailed image! This piece is in actuality 20" x 20" x 2".

With that! Much love!

Here's one last post of my senior show exhibition. Ignore the crappy lighting.

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