Sunday, July 4, 2010

the madness never stops

Started a new job, moving into our new home and moving out of the old. Dear goodness, I really do like to keep myself busy. :-p

Looking for other pin up magazines that would like to feature my work in. Or just magazines in general. Though I am a fan of rockabilly and the like. :)

Working on pieces for this years burn the witch art exhibit. This year will be the fifth year of it's existence, which makes me super excited. The show does not go up until fall, but I'm starting early this year.

Comic-con is in a few weeks. Just going for the weekend instead of the whole thing. Can't really take off the time from work. Though I am mostly going for the exhibit hall to meet and talk with artists and get a few sketchbooks. This time I am going to do my homework though and find out who is selling a sketchbook and whatnot so I do not miss out on the opportunity to snag my own copy. Last year was my first year going and actually got weaseled into buying the entire book series that spawned the True Blood tv series. Needless to say, Charlaine Harris is on of the greats and goes on my top ten list of favorite authors. On book 5, and I just started reading them last year. :)

My own book is now completely edited and ready to go. Once we finish up the last minute ends of our move into our new home and my new studio, signed hand bound copies will be up for sale on my etsy store, I apologize for the delay in production. We weren't expecting to find a new location so quickly.

Also, up for commission soon on my account we will have special orders for personalized personas! Keep an eye out! Postings will be soon!

With all that sad, much love and many blessings,



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