Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cast Member Pin-Ups and Comic Con

Finished Cast Member Pin-Up Skipper Em revision. I love the way she looks now. Going to revise the tour guide and work on at least one more for the fall issue of The Pin-Up Magazine.

Rumors have it that someone else is going around doing a similar series. I have yet to see it, but do not be fooled. The ones I created are the original series. Though... I am curious to see this other artist. Having an idea for an art exhibit maybe. :-p

Comic-Con was amazing. Met and picked the brains of amazing people including, but not limited to, Josh Cooley, Derek, Bob Hurt (the creator of hoops & yoyo), Laurie B, Chris Sanders, Jeff Pidgeon, and even Floyd Norman. I spent most of my time on the exhibit floor walking around with fellow illustrator Jacqueline Monroe just taking the art and stopping to pick the minds of those around us. We did go to Pixar story artist Ronnie del Carmen's panel to here his lecture on how to be inspired and the steps he and other story artists at Pixar take to spawn new ideas. That was liberating. The whole weekend was just refreshing and really pumped the spirits for new endeavors.

I cannot thank those who took time out of their day to talk to us and look at my portfolio. I was particularly taken aback by running into Derek, one of the coolest tiki retro artists out there. He had an amazing booth last year, but this year I didn't see him on the list. And on Saturday we ran into him while just walking around. He partnered up with another booth and artist friend who I am trying to find his business card so I can show you his art.

Jacquie and I snagged an application for a booth. Won't be for a handful of years though... due to the waiting list, but now is as good of time as any.

Something I drew at lunch during the weekend...

It is because of photo moments like this that makes me want to go back.

More photos to come.

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