Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween and the Shoppe

First day of Halloween costume dress up. At work and in dark fairy garb with classic striped socks to match. Tomorrow's costume is the Gatekeeper (my husband the Keymaster), and Sunday I will be a roller girl chick... possible zombie-like. Possibly.

Definitely needed this festive kick in the pants. This is my favorite season, by far.

I made some changes on how I work with special requests and my shop, so see the next section below for information. It is easier and less confusing, I think.

Finishing up the roller derby logo and my friend's wedding invitation tonight. It has been one heck of a long week just taking care of mundane regular life. But back to art tonight! After I finish that, I am going to be working on items that will be available at SnowFest in Simi Valley next Sunday.

Hope you all are doing well! Have a ghoulish day!


It's ready for purchase! Buy your own copy of Maria's Family today - [link]!!!

Read Maria's Family on, a digital library of children's books!

Commissions, Requests and all that is For Sale

1) Do you sell your work?

Sure do! Check my Etsy shop ([link]) to see what's available.

2) Can I buy something without being a member of Etsy?

You'll need to sign up w/ Etsy (it's super easy) to buy anything directly from my shop. If you'd rather not do that, contact me and we can discuss a private sale. At this time, I only accept payment through PayPal.

3) Do you take commissions?

Yes. Let's talk. Send me a request via Etsy here - [link] and I can give you a quote and start the process.

Remember, it doesn't hurt to ask. Requesting an item does not mean you are locked into a sale or purchase. Also requests are commissions and are not free. This is a job and as much as I love giving away things, I need to eat too.

4) Do you do art trades?

Not usually.

5) How come you didn't respond to the comment I left?

I do my best to try to respond, but the computer often hurts my eyes and what time I can limit to the screen has to do with creating. But I do read and appreciate everything, I promise.

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