Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cast Member Pin-Ups and Comic Con

Finished Cast Member Pin-Up Skipper Em revision. I love the way she looks now. Going to revise the tour guide and work on at least one more for the fall issue of The Pin-Up Magazine.

Rumors have it that someone else is going around doing a similar series. I have yet to see it, but do not be fooled. The ones I created are the original series. Though... I am curious to see this other artist. Having an idea for an art exhibit maybe. :-p

Comic-Con was amazing. Met and picked the brains of amazing people including, but not limited to, Josh Cooley, Derek, Bob Hurt (the creator of hoops & yoyo), Laurie B, Chris Sanders, Jeff Pidgeon, and even Floyd Norman. I spent most of my time on the exhibit floor walking around with fellow illustrator Jacqueline Monroe just taking the art and stopping to pick the minds of those around us. We did go to Pixar story artist Ronnie del Carmen's panel to here his lecture on how to be inspired and the steps he and other story artists at Pixar take to spawn new ideas. That was liberating. The whole weekend was just refreshing and really pumped the spirits for new endeavors.

I cannot thank those who took time out of their day to talk to us and look at my portfolio. I was particularly taken aback by running into Derek, one of the coolest tiki retro artists out there. He had an amazing booth last year, but this year I didn't see him on the list. And on Saturday we ran into him while just walking around. He partnered up with another booth and artist friend who I am trying to find his business card so I can show you his art.

Jacquie and I snagged an application for a booth. Won't be for a handful of years though... due to the waiting list, but now is as good of time as any.

Something I drew at lunch during the weekend...

It is because of photo moments like this that makes me want to go back.

More photos to come.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

SDCC 2010

The event has already begun, but my bum won't be over there until tomorrow. Driving down tonight with my husband and Jacquie. I have composed a list this year to ensure I do not go overboard like last year. :) What kind of list? Two, one of lectures and panels that I might be interested in and the other of the various booths I must stop by to meet and/or obtain artistic references from some of my favorite artists. Very excited with this years selection of people who have been nice enough to truck it down here. I am very grateful.

See you all at Comic Con! <3

Artist & Booth List

Pascal Campion - Booth G03
Brittney Lee - Booth 4819
Bill Presing, Josh Cooley, Scott Morse, Jeff Pidgeon, & Jim Capobianco- Booth 4800
David Colman - Booth H5
Chris Sanders - Booth 4921
Dean Yeagle - Booth 1129
Miss Mindy & CJ Metzger (Baby Tattoo Books) - Booth 601
Amanda Visell - Booth 4529

Here is what I have been working on for The Pin-Up Magazine Fall 2010 Issue 2. Revising the first two, Skipper Em and then Tour Guide Tessa. Already done with Mansion Maid Mirna.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Same blog, new location

Welcome to my relocated blog. I wanted to keep the original name, but change my email address... but blogger is weird in that way so hence the new change. Which is fine. I needed a little. :)

In the news, I am working on some pin up and burlesque illustrations, mostly for fun. Was inspired by the Fempire Strikes Back burlesque show put on by Devil's Playground I got to go to recently. High class, theatrical and parodic burlesque show. I really want to go see more like it, however to find the same quailty of show is quite difficult. There seems to be a few burlesque groups around, but none like Devil's Playground. These dancers really are true artists, whereas the others are hardly creative and think that throwing on lingiere and dancing on a stage with feathers makes you burlesque. It doesn't. Anyway, that is my rant. Until then, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for another group around. Either way, I am completely inspired because of Fempire. :) Especially with what they did with the second show, which I got to see, which comparing this one to the first, was 10x better.

Hooked up my scanner so I can start showing you all artwork again. I know! I am happy too!

Got a few... well more than a few events planned for the future. Working on planning more. I just don't know when to stop, do I?

Stay cool,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still no scanner...

But I do have my handy dandy crappy camera phone... that works quite well. :)

I miss drawing. :) Miss Jacquie had to bail for our art meet because of work conflicts, of course lol, and then sent me some awesome pictures of what she is working on today. Trust me, what will come next from her is amazing! Totally inspired. I'm pulled in so many which ways when it comes to inspiration right now. Ah! Which way to go!


Monday, July 12, 2010


I just realized something.

Sitting here sketching my heart out getting ready to post stuff on here when it occurs to me...

My scanner is still at my old studio and I won't have it back until this weekend.

So sorry... no post as planned. Though I do have stuff to show! <3

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sey's Shoppe

While starting a new job and moving into a new apartment, I've also been creating the long overdue online art store.


It's in the making, but the basics are up. I should have prints and whatnots up in a few weeks. I am hoping just before Comic Con. But we'll see. I just am afraid once I get back from Con, I will only want to dive into all the sketchbooks and drink up all the wonderful art and inspiration. Though I intend fully not to be sucked into a black hole of procrastination. :)

One of my best friends and fellow artists, Jacqueline Monroe, is coming over this weekend so we can finally have an art night of sketching and collaboration. I promise at least sketches and pictures will be updated here from that. :) For sure. I've been busy with life's little daily needs, but now that we are nearly unpacked and my studio is almost put back together, I am ready for my artwork again. I sure do miss drawing. I have had my notebook handy this entire time and have more ideas than ever.

On that note, the next time I'm back, I'll come bearing visual gifts. :)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

the madness never stops

Started a new job, moving into our new home and moving out of the old. Dear goodness, I really do like to keep myself busy. :-p

Looking for other pin up magazines that would like to feature my work in. Or just magazines in general. Though I am a fan of rockabilly and the like. :)

Working on pieces for this years burn the witch art exhibit. This year will be the fifth year of it's existence, which makes me super excited. The show does not go up until fall, but I'm starting early this year.

Comic-con is in a few weeks. Just going for the weekend instead of the whole thing. Can't really take off the time from work. Though I am mostly going for the exhibit hall to meet and talk with artists and get a few sketchbooks. This time I am going to do my homework though and find out who is selling a sketchbook and whatnot so I do not miss out on the opportunity to snag my own copy. Last year was my first year going and actually got weaseled into buying the entire book series that spawned the True Blood tv series. Needless to say, Charlaine Harris is on of the greats and goes on my top ten list of favorite authors. On book 5, and I just started reading them last year. :)

My own book is now completely edited and ready to go. Once we finish up the last minute ends of our move into our new home and my new studio, signed hand bound copies will be up for sale on my etsy store, http://www.etsy.com/shop/seystudios. I apologize for the delay in production. We weren't expecting to find a new location so quickly.

Also, up for commission soon on my account we will have special orders for personalized personas! Keep an eye out! Postings will be soon!

With all that sad, much love and many blessings,