Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doing my own string dance!

My mom just brought my attention to the fact that I'm one of the Top 11 artists on Conan's site for my illustration "Conan the Great Entertainer!" ♥ Sorry, I didn't see it before! I've been kinda out of it with morning sickness, but like whoa! This is such an honor! A little late in the game to realize, but thank you so much!
To see the Decade's Top 11 Pieces of CONAN Inspired Fan Art click here!
First the TV spot feature back on Thursday December 9th, 2010, just before She & Him preformed (gawh! I love them) and now this!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WIP - Big Love

It has been one of those long weeks. Not necessarily the kind I wish would end already, but the kind that has already been stuffed full of life changing events. Some have been extremely sad, and are difficult to fathom, so for the moment, I am focusing on some happiness.

Here is a piece I started this past weekend that really tickles my funny bone. 

Yes, a Big Foot just wants some love. A Valentine's illustration in process. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To the most beautiful sparkle of color and class

"Lovely Lisa" by me,
a life drawing study, 2009

Her name was Lisa Nguyen. She was full of spunk, class and spirit. She was one of the most beautiful creatures God ever graced the planet with. This past Sunday, her life here on earth was taken away heartlessly, along with that of the woman who gave birth to her.

In remembrance of our lovely friend and fashionista, there will be an art show held in her memory on February 6th put together by her fellow artist friends. More details about where.

You shall be forever loved as you look on us from above.

Strange how there are so many moments of deja-vu. We will miss you! <3

The family is looking for donations to help pay for the services. If you can, please help -

Prayers welcome.


Sunday, January 9, 2011


Many apologizes for my lack of updates. Belly monster has been keeping me busy sleeping and being sick. A few more weeks, and hopefully that part ends. :)

In other news, individual hand signed prints of the Cast Member Pin Ups are now selling in my Etsy Shoppe!