Friday, April 29, 2011

Adopt a Fat & Happy Unicorn!

He's looking for a home full of love and wonder.

"Fat & Happy Unicorn" original

Will you be his new mommy? Fill out the adoption papers today by visiting!

Also, I posted my Lovely Lisa piece onto Etsy since it did not sell for the Gallery Nucleus auction. However, they did raise over $3,000 for the give2asia charity to help those in Japan (thanks to all those who donated). I will be donating proceeds of her sale to another charity of choice.

Food: The art of meal and snack time

I never thought I would miss it, but I did. Being away from the kitchen so long really has made it difficult. Not that Pepper Lily started my long vacation from it. Really, that whole thing started once I started a full-time job and trying to juggle my art and personal life.

Now, working from home has made it easier to get back into the kitchen scene. And I'm actually having fun! There has been so much I've forgotten that I'm learning all over again. Thankfully, everything that has been created has turned out great. I didn't think about photographing it until now, which makes me somewhat sad because I made some awesome things! But let's start off simple first.

Grilled cheese and fresh orange slices.

This is not my usual breakfast, but it sounded amazing! Perhaps it is the pregnancy cravings, but it was a lovely simple treat that I created from scratch. While looking for places to vend, I have been frequenting all the local farmer's markets the past few weeks. The oranges photographed above were from one such market, particularly the Downtown Anaheim Farmer's Market. Best and juiciest oranges I have tasted in such a long time. I bought a few from a regular supermarket a few weeks back and they were so dry. Not exactly the thing you want in an orange.

In an effort to document my progress through learning the art of cooking and baking again, I will be doing so here. This is still my art blog, but this is my side art project, which I am really happy to share. Bobby Chiu, a fantastic artist of Imaginism Studios, has been writing in his journal little tips for artistic inspiration. One particular blurb included to get out of the old routine and try something new. Every experience in an artist's life only enhances his/her work. So here is my new project. <3 Here's my something new.

Banana chocolate chip cookies (from scratch)

And in trying something new, I wanted to expand on my memory of baking cookies, so I tackled a new recipe I've never done in my life. Banana chocolate chip cookies sounded so good, and I had 3 ripe bananas (riper the better). And this is what I created. Best cookies ever! No store or bakery can make homemade tasting cookies.

So here's to trying new things and eating them along the way.

Next post: The Fat & Happy Unicorn needs to find a home.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New beginnings of progress

It's official. I am now am focusing on my art, being a wife and preparing our nest for our little Pepper Lily. My day job now consists of cooking, cleaning and crafting.

As a way to start fresh, I've redesigned my blog layout with something more me and a bit more retro. I have also been working on commissions like crazy (including a tattoo design, logo and a portrait of a renaissance princess). Last week, I started this painting on a piece of wood for my own self, and still am in the process of finishing it.

Progress of the fat & happy unicorn.

I love him. Hope you do too. Until then, here's to dreaming!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inside Etsy the interview with Sey Studios

Melinda of Inside Etsy was kind enough to interview me on her blog about my art and business. Please take some time and read it. Also, check out her blog! It is full of other Etsy business owners and their stories! Really inspiring! <3

Inside Etsy: Sey Studios

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shows & Openings

Going to support my old alma mater by checking out this year's batch of California State University of Long Beach's BFA Illustration/Animation works! Check it out!

One future show to keep in mind is the "Art for Japan" exhibition to be held at Gallery Nucleus. The opening reception will be held on April 23rd. The online auction will begin on April 20th and end the 25th. Selected works will go up and be displayed in the gallery for the opening. I've donated my paper sculpture "Lovely Lisa" to the auction. I feel Lisa would have liked that. <3 All proceeds will go to the give2asia organization which is led by Dice Tsunami, art director of Pixar.
"Lovely Lisa" paper sculpture & acrylic