Monday, July 18, 2011

Disneyland & San Diego Comic Con

Finally found a medium that I am happy with for the counting book... so my goal is to finish that in the next couple days (if not by the end of the month). I know... I know. I have been saying it would be done since last year, but baby delayed that due to sickness. Just hoping she stays in long enough so I can finish it. Thankfully everything is drawn out, I just need to paint them. Well everything but one panel. My husband, the author, has been so kinda and sweet during this entire time of pregnancy. I'm so grateful to have a man like him in my life. Nearly done with the wedding portrait. Coming out great!

We took a break on Sunday for just ourselves. He took me to Disneyland for the day and I stuck it out walking the entire time! No wheelchair! I was very happy and proud of that. Kept hydrated and rested but we did a few miles, which is awesome for myself and the belly monster. Finally got to experience The Little Mermaid ride (loved it)! We also partook in the Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Star Tours (the cue just for me, but totally worth it), Soundsational Parade (gorgeous, I cried) and the Mary Blair exhibit. Talk about a busy day! Then on top of it all, my parents came down for a surprise visit and we had dinner with them. I was so happy. Just a pleasant day that was much needed.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful summer! Thank you all for the favorites and adds! I will do my best to update with one or two illustrations from the counting book before my baby makes her debut. Less than 3 weeks left (for her). Definitely missing out on the San Diego Comic Con this year. I know! What timing on my part? lol So have fun for me out there!


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