Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Soup's on!

In spite of the time crunch, and the fact I want to finish more art projects than I really have time for, I still manage to make my way in the kitchen and try something new. Today my heart and tummy both were screaming for minestrone soup. Now, I've never cooked this in my life and so I spent an hour looking through my recipe books and then online to find the perfect one. However, there were no such thing, so I took the main idea of them all and made my own version.

My homemade-toss-in-what-Sey-​wants-minestrone soup! Nom!
The best part is it came out incredibly tasty and exactly what I was craving. Now I have tons of leftovers which makes both me, and baby Pepper Lily happy. Still no news on her coming out any time soon... which is nice for me because I have more time to finish my art, but not so nice because I do want her out eventually. I can feel her squirming a lot now since her space is becoming more and more cramped. Guess I need to do more walking. :)

I was able to finish a few more illustrations for the counting book. I need to put that down for the moment and finish the portrait, which is nearly complete. I just need to crank it out and get it done because that one has more of a deadline (wedding and all) than the book.

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