Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Awake and alert

I sit and type here tonight with a dancing baby in my belly. Yes, she's still in there. Taking her sweet ole time. So while I wait for her to make up her mind on when she'll come out, I've been working on getting all my stuff in a row.

The counting book has been set a side as I put together a paper cut for a very lucky and sweet tour guide. I procured another commission just tonight for a children's character portrait, which is going to be so much fun because it is going to be a little boy in a monkey costume! Ah! I am overwhelmed with cuteness! Finished my friend's tattoo design of a Tardis (photos will be posted eventually when she gets the tattoo done so I can show you the before and after).

Working on a weird sleep schedule since my little belly monster doesn't like sleeping anymore. Dancing on my ribs is apparently way more fun than dream cycles.

So since I am up, being kicked and snuggled with, I finished updating my member profile for The Foundry, a local art gallery from my hometown. Next year, I will be exhibiting a solo show in November focused on my children's illustration. I am super excited about this endeavor and have been making my Illustration Friday pieces focus on children's book artwork for the show next year. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be given this opportunity.

With that, I must make haste and work on these projects!


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